Lactation Education Course:

Consists of one comprehensive lesson for 2 hours. Aids in achieving the breast/chest feeding goal that the parent sets. The course covers the following topics.

  • Basics of Lactation
  • Stages of Lactation
  • Knowing your baby’s appetite
  • Various infant feeding techniques
  • Positions and soothing techniques
  • Frequently asked questions by new parents

Developmental Baby massage Course:

Consists of three lessons of one hour each. Helps a new parent handle the baby with confidence and making the bonding with your baby a relaxing experience. The course covers the following topics.

  • Establish an early bond with the new born
  • Teach strokes for legs, arms, chest and face
  • Various positions that help baby calm
  • Special strokes, positions and tips for colic
  • Tailor made massage and positions to support baby with development

Pre and Post Natal support:

We offer online (WhatsApp) support for parents who take HypnoBirthing courses till birthing. One session organised post birth, to share your birthing story and listen to other experiences. Lactation courses are offered with direct contact with the educator for three days* post the course for any doubts and questions. If you attend the lactation class prenatal, you can choose to be in contact with the educator after birth, for a chosen consecutive three days*. For parents who attend Developmental baby massage course can be in touch with the educator by WhatsApp for two consecutive days*. You can practise the holds and get back with doubts.

On top of the above, parents who are willing can get in touch with other parents in parenting groups (WhatsApp), that will be presided by the educator. This will majorly be a peer support group.

*Days- This is NOT 24/7 support. Any questions related to lactation and developmental massage will be clarified within a day. This is only an after course support. Kindly drawing attention to maintain respectable timings for contact. For other emergencies, you will have to contact medical services.

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