Knowledge is power. Knowing the changes that take place in your body while pregnant, while birthing, and after birth are enlightening and replaces the unknown fears in your birthing process into an opportunity to experience a stimulating event.

At bump to baby, we work on the philosophy to provide the information the pregnant person seeks. This way the pregnant person is able to advocate for oneself, their babies, have a satisfied birthing experience and support their families. We offer prenatal HypnoBirthing Education (Mongan Method), Pre and post-natal Lactation education courses, Pre and post-natal Developmental Baby massage for parents, and other support. Our courses are taught in English, thereby catering to the
needs of a family expecting their baby. We tailor-make each course focussing on your family’s specific needs. We offer HypnoBirthing courses for safe and relaxing birth for pregnant parents, a comprehensive Lactation education course for successful breast/chest feeding outcomes, Developmental Baby Massage Education for parents to bond with their new born’s from day one, and consultation for lactation related issues post-birth. The courses are undertaken by Divya Chandrasekaran (She/Her), a pediatric physical therapist with six years of experience in imparting knowledge, treating clients who require physical therapy. Her kind nature and thoughtful guidance can help you achieve the kind of birth and parenting journey you envision as a new parent. We strive to achieve an inclusive community and feel free to contact us.